Healthy food is the most concern of our service. Sandella’s by providing a healthy food with high quality and deliciousness looking forward to provide a satisfaction to our dear customers.

Why are we concern to provide our customers with healthy foods?

A healthy eating plan and lifestyle is going to be the best life and health insurance you can have.

Healthy-Foods[1]A healthy diet is probably going to cause…

  • excessive weight lost
  • bring your blood pressure and cholesterol down
  • you will feel better
  • you will look better
  • you will have more energy
  • your immune system will get stronger
  • you will eliminate most or all of your medications

Even if you do not go completely on a plant based diet, small changes can bring positive results. When you eliminate most of the foods that are making you sick and replace them with the right fuel, live nutrient dense foods along with fresh juices, you will begin to see a healthier diet making positive changes in your life.

What do we do to make our food healthy?

images2TIRKLAD[1]To the count on healthiness, we include keeping calories counts low by using nutritious intergradient in all our recipes.  In addition, we have partnered with HealthyDining to offer dietitian-approved healthy menu choices. However you can check these item menus throughout:

Rosa-logo_weight_watchers[1]On the other hand, our menus are included in the Weight Watchers food database which also listed on the Weight Watchers 2012 Complete Food Companion. (Exclusive to our Weight Watchers member)

If you are interested to calculate your food, you can use the NUTRITION-CALCULATOR.